About us

We are passionate about Making kids happy,
As of today, Wyncor is distributing toys in over 40 countries worldwide, and guess what ? this is just the beginning !

Number of Wyncor toys sold all around the world

Our company ethos

Our DNA. Efficient, Different, Relevant and Surprising.We are fast and flexible, focused on continually exciting anddelighting our consumers, customers and partners.We delivery quality and innovation that entertains, providing fun and memorable experiences that last a lifetime

We capture consumers attention, engage their senses and enrich the full toy experience.

Our values

At the heart of our values, is to support research against Cancer by sponsoring several research organisations including one of the biggest cancer research center in the world.
We are proud to say that a percentage to every one of our products sold in the world is given to that cause.


Because we dream of a cleaner world for our future generations, We have taken the initiative to try to manufacture our products and packaging with as many reusable and clean materials as possible.