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Huggie Hideaway

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The Huggie Hideaway is super soft and easy to wash, this plush pillow toys comes in a beautiful Chibi style, filled in high quality polyester fibers and super-squishy material, which guarantees extra durability and soft. 

SNUGGLE UP WITH YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER: made with premium skin-friendly polyester fabric that is both soft and breathable, the Miraculous pillow is also stretchy to maximize comfort. Filled with top quality cotton, every plush pillow is squishy, snuggly, and huggable.

KEEP YOUR SECRETS SAFE in the invisible pocket. The large zipper in the back allows you to hide your magical treasures, or your Miraculous pajama. 

PERFECT FOR PLAYING AND HUGGING: the size of the plush pillow is over 15 inches big, it’s the best to hold all day in your arms and hug it to sleep.

SAFE FOR FUN: this Miraculous Pillow meets and passed CPSC Standards. Meanwhile, it is toxic free and safe.


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Brand available: Miraculous

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