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Bubble Blaster

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Ultimate Bubble Blaster: this Bubble machine generate Thousands of bubbles per minute, with a Led light to give an amazing colorful effect, long lasting and rechargeable battery for a life time of fun.

Massive Or Millions: the ultimate bubble blaster comes with 2 attachable heads one for making huge bubbles and one for making millions of small bubbles.

Safe And Easy To Use: dip the head into the the bubble solution, pull the trigger and fire away into the bubbly world of fun and awesomeness.

The Perfect Gift: This bubble machine brings endless fun and dreamy atmosphere making just right for Christmas, weddings, birthdays, parties, graduation, outdoor play, camping trips, beaches ,entertainment, carnivals, Halloween, outdoor garden & yard and much more.


Ultimate Bubble blaster, double chargers

Brand available: Miraculous

Packaging refresh pending licensor approval

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