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Miraculous Sewing Machine

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Embrace the Sewing Whiz Within: This sewing machine is engineered for beginners but has the flair and efficiency to engage seasoned young sewists. It’s a splendid avenue to transition from learning to mastering sewing, embodying Marinette’s passion for design.

Sturdy, Dependable Stitches: With a double thread design, every stitch is stronger, eliminating the chore of tying threads manually. Tailor the machine’s speed to your project and comfort with an accessible speed adjustment button.

Protection at Your Fingertips: Designed keeping young sewists in mind, a finger guard and a specific protective cover around the needle minimize risks, while a built-in light ensures clarity even on dark fabrics or in low light.

Adaptable Power & Operation: Flexibility is key with two power supply modes—a power adapter or wireless battery operation (batteries not included). Commence your projects using a button or the foot pedal included—whatever suits your style!

Sticker Packs for Personalization: The machine comes with four sheets of thematic stickers. Relish in recreating Marinette’s machine from the series or customize it with Ladybug, Marinette, or Cat Noir stickers, making your sewing journey uniquely yours.


1 Sewing Machine, 1 Needle, 1 Needle Threader, 3 Metal Bobbins, 4 Sheets of Stickers, 1 Pedal, 1 Power Supply (Europe), 2 Fabrics, 1 Black Mannequin, 2 Mask Cutouts and 1 Instructional Manual

Brand available: Miraculous

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