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Dive into the enchanting world of "Miraculous Ladybug" with the Paris Cafe Set, reimagining the charming bakery owned by Marinette's parents from the beloved series. This comprehensive set invites you on a delightful journey, creating an immersive Parisian Cafe scene that’s both educational and entertaining.

Highlighted Features:

3-in-1 Cafe Experience: This playset effortlessly replicates a genuine Parisian Cafe ambiance, featuring a coffee machine, dessert showcase, and an interactive cash register equipped with sound and light features.

Engaging & Educational: Kids can play as budding baristas with a coffee machine that even allows real water addition. The cash register’s sounds upon card insertion bring realism, introducing them to basic business concepts while stimulating imagination.


Coffee Shop Essentials: The heart of your cafe with a multifunctional coffee machine and a sound-emitting cash register.

Bakery Delights: 41 accessories to ensure an authentic experience. From coffee cups, yogurt, and milk cups to an assortment of pastries like donuts, cakes, and a croissant. Plus, financial essentials like bills, coins, and a membership card to elevate the role-playing adventure.

Brand available: Miraculous

Packaging refresh pending licensor approval

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